Khloe Kardashian has been tiptoeing around the subject of hubby Lamar’s ambitions to be a rapper. And then, when she was done tiptoeing, she roundly stamped, with all her Kardashian-PR-weighted might on hubby Lamar’s ambitions to be a rapper. To be fair to Khloe, when your sister is dating Kanye West, you’d need to be pretty damn confident in your husband’s rapping ability if you were going to encourage him, otherwise he could bring hip-hop shame on the entire Kardashian clan.

Khloe seems torn between laughing up Lamar’s attempts at writing rap lyrics and then trying to convince everyone that he’s really quite talented. When she’s asked if she remembers any of his lyrics (which he’s sent to Kanye for approval, it would seem), she said “Can I remember any lyrics he wrote? Absolutely not! Noo, I cannot. They go on for days...We were in Australia once and Lamar was there rapping, and Kim was like, 'Seriously how do you do this? He raps so much!' I was like, 'Hello! Kim, look who you are dating right now, you are dating a rapper. This is what you get!'”

But the relationship between Kanye and Lamar Odom seem to have Khloe cringing with embarrassment, as she tries to convince people that her basketball-playing husband has some talent on the mic. She told Jay Leno: “He [Kanye] and Lamar get along really well, it's really funny because Lamar thinks he's really good, no he is really good, he can actually rap. He's really good at the writing, he doesn't think it, but he is good at it, he really is. I don't like to encourage it too much as he gets really over excited about it.” Sounds suspiciously like an embarrassing case of ‘basketball player tries to rap’ to us. Anyone remember Kobe Bryant’s terrible effort with Tyra Banks? Enough said. 

Watch Khloe talking to Leno here: