Khloe Kardashian's basketball player husband, Lamar Odom, has been arrested on charges of driving under the influence after his white Mercedes Benz was spotted driving erratically by police, the AP reports. Last Friday morning (30th August),

Lamar Odom Khloe Kardashian
Their Love Was Not As "Unbreakable" As They Made Out.

Odom was seen driving in an apparently "serpentine manner" and was pulled over. The 33 year-old was "unable to perform field sobriety tests" and showed signs of intoxication. Odom also refused to take a chemical test and was booked for investigation of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and was jailed on $15,000 bail with his license revoked for one year, reports EntertainmentWise.

He was released on Friday morning after posting bail. Lamar and Khloe have been married since 2009 and tied the knot only a month after they met. This year, the pair released two fragrances together, ironically titled 'Unbreakable' and 'Unbreakable Love' to show off their once-close bond with the world. Now, Lamar has reportedly been booted out of their Calabasas home and he's hiding out in a hotel.

Lamar Odom
Lamar Is A Talented Player During The Season But Seeks A Dangerous Downtime.

Problems arose after Lamar sought downtime after the basketball season ended and is said to have turned to crack cocaine. The NBA star is known to have used the drug in the past and was even admitted to rehab last year to overcome his addiction. Much to Khloe and her family's displeasure, however, Lamar dropped out after just three weeks.

The couple's latest problems reportedly arose after Khloe attempted to stage an intervention against Lamar's spiralling drug problems and tried to persuade him to enter rehab again to kick his habit. When he refused, an argument kicked off which led to Odom being booted out of his home, only returning to collect his suitcases.

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The Couple In Happier Times.

After the initial reports of their separation began to circulate, Khloe vented her rage on Twitter, with no names named but the message was clear: "back off." "Really hard to sit here and listen to people talk sh*t about my family! F*ck you and shame on you! I'm too protective for this sh*t!" she wrote. It seems that now the reality TV star's foul-mouthed façade has cracked, with Khloe tweeting a more fragile message to her fans just yesterday. "As much as I wish I were made of steel... I'm not," she wrote but added in another tweet "I'm pretty damn close to it though hehe."

Khloe's feelings towards Lamar's arrest are not known but the sports star is said to have hired OJ Simpson's lawyer, Robert Shapiro, to defend his DUI charges as he has close links with the Kardashian family, having most recently been hired to help Kris Kardashian's son, Robert, off a criminal battery and theft case involving a photographer.