Khloe Kardasian has come under fire after claims that her people cut a live interview with Australian breakfast show Sunrise short when they didn’t like the line of questioning. The interview was initially arranged for Khloe to plug her new line of baby clothes. She was asked by host Sam Armytage “I guess the baby line was inspired now with lots of nieces and nephews running around. How’s baby North going?” (let’s ignore that question makes no sense). Khloe smiled and congenially began to answer the question, saying “North is fabulous. She’s so beautiful, she’s awesome”, before starting to discuss the dynamic between North and her cousin Penelope.

khloe kardashian sunriseKhloe's interview with Sunrise was for her to plug her new line of baby clothes

However, Khloe is abruptly cut off and the interview cut short. The hosts seem surprised and offer up no explanation for the mishap. The Sunrise bosses later explained that Khloe’s publicists cut the interview short as they didn’t like the station questioning Khloe about North. Khloe, however, is not happy about their explanation. She took to her Twitter account, on which she has over 9 million followers, to straighten things up, “Get over yourself Sunrise...the call dropped...stop reaching for a story”, also labeling the show “f***ing desperate”.

The show disputes Khloe’s version, claiming “When you watch the interview you see Khloe had no problem with the questions. It’s obvious someone on her team did, and pulled the plug. Khloe shouldn’t declare war on us, she should declare war on her publicists.” It seems like we’re never going to find out whether it was Khloe’s team or if Sunrise were looking for ratings. It has to be said that they’ve received a lot of free publicity since the whole debacle.

Khloe’s quite aggressive tweet may, however, have antagonised the situation unnecessarily. Her response to the station led Sunrise presenter David Kosh to throw in a few digs of his own about the youngest Kardashian sister, remarking he was going to ask her “If the Kardashians are this famous has it bought pop culture to the lowest ebb?”. Ouch.

khloe kardashian sunriseThe line cut out when Khloe was asked about sister Kim's baby, North

If the fault does lie with Khloe’s publicists then she perhaps did jump the gun with her Twitter rampage, but doesn’t deserve quite so much flack if she isn't aware (it seems unlikely she wouldn't be made so, though). Although she may genuinely believe that Sunrise purposely cut the call short after asking her about her niece, Kim Kardashian’s daughter with Kanye West, North. Either way, someones in the wrong. Unless it was just a technical fault, in which case, every one just quit your bitchin’.

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