There’s drama around the Kardashian family again, sort of.

But we can’t expect anything less of the sisters, after all, it’s in their contracts to start feuds and broadcast all of their opinions on any matter, right? This time Khloe Kardashian has spoken out in defense of her sister Kim and against Kim’s ex husband Kris Humphries. Humphries, whose marriage to the socialite only lasted 72 hours is now seeking an annulment on grounds of fraud, leading to a lengthy and strenuous legal battle. Khloe has recently stepped in to defend her sister and condemn Humphries’s behavior by saying: “He’s delusional. I don’t know why he’s asking for anything – he got married just like she got married. He’s fame hungry, in my opinion, and wants money. I don’t know – I just think everything he’s doing, it’s just gross to me.”

Khloe would definately know what make someone fame hungry, so we'll take her word on it and it also makes sense that the Kardashian family would just want to put the entire ordeal behind them, with Kim’s first child with rapper Kanye West well on the way. However, it looks like despite their desire to just put everything behind them, the legal proceedings are far from over. The moral of the story? Don’t get married, children, unless you’re absolutely sure you will be able to get out clean in the end.