Khloe Kardashian claims being on TV has made her a better person.

The reality television star insists watching footage of herself and her family back is ''therapeutic'' because it teaches her the things she needs to change about herself.

She said: ''It's therapeutic. Stuff I've seen I'm like, 'How could I speak to my mother like that?' or 'I want to change that about me.'

''Everything is relatable and true. As corny as it sounds, the show makes us better ourselves.''

Khloe admitted her husband Lamar Odom initially found living life in the spotlight difficult, but he now enjoys having their loves together documented forever.

She told HELLO! magazine: ''He found it an adjustment at first. But he loves this. It's like having expensive home videos made of your life that you keep forever.''

Khloe and Lamar recently moved to Dallas after the basketball star was transferred from the LA Lakers to the Dallas Mavericks and while they get photographed less, the socialite admits there is more ''chaos'' because she is so accessible to fans.

She said: ''I went to the grocery store and police had to shut it down because so many people came. There's less paparazzi here than LA, but it's kind of a trade-off because there's much more fan chaos.''