Khloe Kardashian is reading self-help books to prepare for her hosting role on the US 'X Factor'.

Although the reality star's job as presenter for the pop star search show hasn't officially been confirmed, Khloe wants to be prepared.

A source told ''Khloe feels like she has just won the lottery. She has always been a huge fan of 'The X Factor' and is really close friends with judge Demi Lovato. If all goes as planned and Khloe ends up hosting the show, it will be one of her biggest dreams come true.''

''Khloe has been reading a lot of inspirational books lately to get her mind set on what's to come. She knows being a host on the show bears a lot of responsibility and wants to be the best that she can be. ''She has been getting a lot of tips from ['American Idol' host] Ryan Seacrest and feels confident that she can bring her unique style of fun and authenticity to the show.''

Khloe has even been taking the time to think about what kind of presenter she wants to be with her friend explaining: ''Khloe wants to be kind of a like a best friend to the contestants and give them support. She's taking this potential job very seriously.''