Khloe Kardashian-Odom and husband Lamar Odom are trying to work out their marriage, it would seem. According to a TMZ report, the meeting was apparently instigated by the reality starlet, who drove her husband to an undisclosed location.

Khloe Kardashian, ULTA
According to sources, Khloe is actively working to fix her marriage.

The website previously reported that the Kardashian sister had kicked out her husband of four years out of their shared home, because of his drug addiction. Lamar is reportedly off the wagon with his crack cocaine dependency and while the drug hasn’t affected his performance on the court for the LA Clippers, it is reportedly at the bottom of Lamar and Khloe’s marital strife. The latest attempt by the family to reach out to Odom was an intervention, staged last Wednesday, apparently to no effect. The couple’s marital strife has been notably absent from the Kardashians’ reality show however and according to Entertainmentwise, will continue to be. Whether it is because she wants to keep her privacy, or because there really is nothing to show, Khloe has refused to allow for any of the footage of her reported marriage trouble to be aired on the show. Whatever the case may be, that seems like the wisest decision in the situation.

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Are the rumors even true?

Khloe has stated that she will not get back together with the baller until he is completely clean. However, the reality starlet hasn’t filed for divorce either. She is reportedly still full of hope and optimism for Lamar’s pending recovery. So far, no official statement has been released by Lamar Odom or a representative. However, those who are still Keeping Up With The Kardashians, are rooting for the couple to overcome their problems and rebuild the marriage.

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Let's hope the couple can get through this.