It's a taboo in any marriage to forget the anniversary of your loved one but when the third Kardashian sister Khloe anniversary gift came from her two best friends, a death knell was practically struck for her four year marriage. She and her husband Lamar Odom appear to be in marriage limbo: they're spending time apart, Khloe's been seen without her ring and has removed Odom's surname from her Twitter account but they are not divorced.

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Puts Out A Strong Face In The Midst Of Her Marital Issues.

Last Friday marked her fourth year of marriage to the NBA star who has battled cocaine addiction but rather than reconcile and work towards moving back together, Khloe spent the day with her two best friends, Malika and Khadijah.

Instead of receiving presents from Odom, Khloe was gifted an ornamental crystal heart with the words "Khloe, Love You 4 Ever" and "Malika & Khadijah" ornately engraved. Soon after Khloe tweeted a photo of the thoughtful gift, she followed with a picture of a neon sign that read "I can't explain and I won't even try," perhaps referencing the current situation with her husband.

Though Khloe swears that the dropping of her husband's name on her social networking accounts doesn't indicate her marital status, the absence of Odom on their anniversary doesn't look positive for the future of the couple. Their relationship hit the rocks last month after it emerged Khloe had tried to intervene with her basketball player husband's off-season downtime drug use. Lamar reportedly resisted and sparked an argument that saw him move out of their mansion and into a Los Angeles hotel room.

Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom
Once Fiercely In Love, Khloe & Lamar's Marriage Has All But Been Wrecked By Cocaine.

Before meeting her friends on Friday, Khloe was spotted heading to an LA gym with some light gloves on, giving the message that despite her marital woes, she's still on fighting form. TMZ reported that Odom was said to be planning on spending $100,000 on an anniversary gift despite Khloe's resistance to be seen with her unstable husband.

Whether Lamar tried to give Khloe anything is unknown, but it seems that the Kardashian sister went for bros over hoes or, you know, the female equivalent.