Khloe Kardashian is getting more confident as a designer.

The reality TV star and her sisters Kim and Kourtney have their own range of clothes, swimwear and accessories and Khloe says all three of them are comfortable with their work.

Speaking at the launch of their new holiday collection for Bebe, Khloe said: "I think every time that we have a new collection with Bebe our stuff gets better and better because we get more comfortable designing and they get more comfortable with letting us design. It's just a really fun collaboration."

Kourtney added to website "This collaboration with Bebe really has taught us so much just about being designers. I think we feel more comfortable and confident as designers now."

As well as growing more confident as designers, Khloe also credits their success with them all having a big part in the designs.

She said: "We make sure at least two of us are at every meeting, at least two of us have to agree, if there is three of us and one doesn't agree but two do then we outweigh each other. I love that we have ideas to throw against each other and we all have to come together with it so we are all very passionate."