Khloe Kardashian is a ''mascara junkie''.

The reality TV star has created a new line of beauty products - Kardashian Beauty - with her sisters Kourtney and Kim and says she took charge when it came to creating their Stroke of Midnight mascara because she can't get enough of the eyelash enhancing accessory.

She said: ''I love mascara. I'm a mascara junkie! I'd say I have a very loud voice when it comes to mascara.

''I can't leave home without mascara and I'm all about finding the perfect one. I love our Stroke of Midnight mascara. It creates the faux-lash look without dumping. I'm hooked!''

While the 29-year-old beauty took the lead on the eye product, her sisters Kim and Kourtney also had their areas of expertise.

She added to LOOK magazine: ''We're all involved 100 per cent, but we know what each other's strengths are. I mean, I don't wear false lashes so I let Kim and Kourtney steer that one. Kourtney also loves to perfect lip and nail colours.''

Although the sisters have collaborated on many projects together - including their own tanning line and clothing range for British high street brand Dorothy Perkins - they still have squabbles over their products.

Khloe revealed: ''We always fight over who gets to try out the lab samples first. It's so exciting to use them and see what's coming up.''