Khloe Kardashian fell foul of a prank by Miley Cyrus and Kelly Osbourne, who are set to make sure that the revival of former MTV favourite 'Punk'd' will get off to a bang after footage was revealed of the celebrity pair on the show stunning their friend and fellow star.
'Punk'd' was originally created by actor Ashton Kutcher alongside friend and producer Jason Goldberg and was a huge success in its first run on the entertainment channel between 2003 and 2007. The show's first victim was Justin Timberlake who was led to believe that government agents were seizing his home and possessions over unpaid income tax, whilst other stars to suffer at the hands of Kutcher included Beyonce, Kanye West, Dwayne Johnson and tennis player Andy Roddick. The show's return will see a different celebrity host punking a target each episode.
Cyrus, Osbourne and Kardashian are evidently involved in at least one of the shows as preview footage, reported by Celeb Buzz, shows the three being interrupted whilst eating a meal by a man suffering a particularly painful form of a zip-based wardrobe malfunction. Being elected the one to deal with the situation, Kardashian is shown to be calling 911 to report the issue, reporting "Sir, he's caught his b**** in the zipper of his pants." All in all the sister of renowned socialite Kim was shown to deal with the problem well however, offering advice to the vociferously in pain gentleman, though the big reveal won't be known until the full episode airs in March.