Khloe Kardashian is worried cheating rumours are having a ''really bad'' affect on her husband Lamar Odom.

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star is ''not bothered'' by the fantastical claims Jennifer Richardson has made that she had an affair with the basketball player for over a year but she is concerned the accusations are hurting her spouse.

A source told ''Khloe isn't too bothered by the rumours that Lamar has been cheating on her, she's more concerned with how the rumours affect him - he takes it really bad and doesn't really know how to handle that type of negativity.''

The basketball player, who plays for the L.A Clippers, smashed a photographer's car during a violent rage last month when pressed on the cheating allegations.

Jennifer has claimed she and Lamar had discussed having children, before ending their affair in March this year.

She has claimed that Lamar, 33, told her he loved her and that they would meet up in different cities for sex when he was playing away matches.

However, the claims have been refuted by those close to Lamar while he and Khloe, 29, have refused to comment on her allegations.

Meanwhile Khloe - who has openly discussed her difficulties to conceive children - reportedly hopes starting a family with her husband of four years will silence the rumours.

A source revealed: ''In addition to wanting to start a family, Khloe feels like having a baby would strengthen her relationship with Lamar and finally put an end to all the stupid lies - as Khloe puts it.''