Britney Spears X Factor partyKhloe Kardashian

Awkward times for Britney Spears and Khloe Kardashian as they turn up to the X Factor finallists party in similar outfits

This was an awkward moment for Britney Spears and Khloe Kardashian, with the X Factor judges both turning up to the X Factor finallists party wearing very similar outfits. Spears has been taking the plaudits as judge on this season of the show, and maybe that's why Khloe felt the need to make things awkward for the multi-million selling artist. As you can see Kardashian looked incredible in the all-black Skaist-Taylor dress with her dark tresses worn in a half up half down style. But awkwardness abounded when Spears arrived also in a black dress of the same style, consisting of a turtle neck and long sleeves again, though with the hemline fell a little lower.

Josh Brock X Factor

Josh Brock at the X Factor finallists party

Of the finallists who turned up, Josh Brock was wearing a typically outlandish looking outfit, his crushed black jacket adorned with a large red rosette. Beatrice Miller was another who didn't hold back, going for some quite garish multi-coloured striped trousers, and a striped red jacket to boot. Paige Thomas looked incredibly classy though, donning a blue dress that zipped diagonally. The same couldn't be said for Jennel Garcia who looked like she was off to a fancy dress night as a cave woman. In fact, most of the X Factor contestants looked terrible! It was left to La Reid to, as he usually does, show them how cool's done, the judge looking casually smooth with a scarf and black sweater. 

Beatrice Miller x factor party

Not too sure about this circus look Beatrice Miller

Jennel Garcia X factor party

Nor this one Jennel Garcia

Paige Thomas X Factor

Paige Thomas has a go at style at least

LA Reid X Factor party

Thank goodness LA Reid was there