Khloé Kardashian is an ''animal'' according to her personal trainer.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashian' star's fitness guru GUNNAR PETERSON has praised the 31-year-old beauty for her love of intense work outs.

He told Entertainment Tonight: ''Khloé's an animal. No complaining, no bitching, just gets after it.''

And it is not just Khloé that works out alongside Gunnar.

Captioning a photo of the pair to celebrate his recent birthday, Khloé's mother Kris Jenner wrote: ''Happy Birthday G!!! Thank you for being such an amazing dear loyal and supportive friend!!! You are an inspiration to me every single day...thanks for whipping my whole family into shape!!!! And for kicking my ass even when I scream at you LOL... I love you!!!! (sic)''

Meanwhile, Khloé recently revealed she is ''in love'' with her fitness wardrobe.

She said: ''I'm in love with my fitness closet! It's my favourite closet. I genuinely show it off to all of my friends when they are over.''

Whilst designer Lisa Adams of Closet Design added: ''It [has] a suede-lined shelf that displays head and wrist bands, sunglasses, hair ties and more. I added LED lighting so the case lights up with the flip of a switch - these items get lost and disorganised in drawers, so I wanted to make sure they were beautifully displayed.

''My favourite part is the shoe area. I keep envisioning my own sneakers being displayed in the way Khloé's are!''