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The New York premiere of 'The Following'

Kevin Williamson - The New York premiere of 'The Following' New York United States Friday 18th January 2013

Kevin Williamson

The Ripple Effect Benefiting The Water Project Charity held at Sunset Luxe Hotel - Inside

Katerina Graham and Kevin Williamson - Kat Graham and Kevin Williamson Los Angeles, California - The Ripple Effect Benefiting The Water Project Charity held at Sunset Luxe Hotel - Inside Saturday 10th December 2011

Scream 4 Review

More than a decade after Scream 3, Craven and company reteam for another knowing thriller about scary movies. And by both following and subverting the rules of a reboot, they make a film that's both frightening and hilarious.

On the 10th anniversary of the original killings, Sidney (Campbell) returns to Woodsboro, having put the darkness behind her. Although the Stab movies based on her experience have reached number 7. Then a new spree of grisliness starts, and Sheriff Dewey (Arquette) and his journalist wife Gale (Cox) are on the case. Meanwhile, Sidney's cousin Jill (Roberts) and her pals (Pannettiere and Jaffe) are both fascinated and terrified by what's happening. So are the school's movie geeks (Knudsen and Culkin) and Jill's ex (Tortorella).

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The 27th annual PaleyFest presents 'The Vampire Diaries' at the Saban Theatre

Kevin Williamson Saturday 6th March 2010 The 27th annual PaleyFest presents 'The Vampire Diaries' at the Saban Theatre Los Angeles, California

Kevin Williamson

Cursed Review

Although Arrested Development's Portia De Rossi and Judy Greer co-star in the werewolf mishmash Cursed, fellow Arrested cast member and erstwhile Teen Wolf Jason Bateman is nowhere to be found. Too bad; this horror-comedy could use a little more deadpan in its comedy, and a little more anything in its horror.

Really, both should've been covered when Miramax reunited Scream's writer and director, Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven. In the Scream trilogy, these uneven artists brought out the best in each other: Williamson's overwritten self-referential dialogue felt smarter braced against Craven-directed tension, which flourished with funny and likable characters. Cursed starts with the likable characters, and then jams on the brakes.

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Scream Review

My review notes for Scream consist of three whole words:


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Teaching Mrs. Tingle Review

Once upon a time there was a writer named Kevin, who wanted to make a big splash in Hollywood. He wrote a movie called Killing Mrs. Tingle, which didn't sell, so he tried again. The next time he wrote a movie called Scream, which single-handedly revived the horror genre, paving the way for big horror flicks... and even small ones like The Blair Witch Project.

And then he made a TV show called Dawson's Creek, which was also a huge success. And another horror flick. And Scream 2. And then this writer was the hottest thing on Sunset Blvd., and even Killing Mrs. Tingle started to look good. Miramax bought it. They even let the guy direct.

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I Know What You Did Last Summer Review

Yesterday's flavor of the month Kevin Williamson penned this little horror flick way back in 1997, a terribly straightforward tale where the suspected killer... really is the killer. Notably, this movie launched the film career of Jennifer Love Hewitt's breasts.

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Venom Review

The last time Jim Gillespie and Kevin Williamson collaborated on a movie was I Know What You Did Last Summer, a film in which the only redeeming values were Jennifer Love Hewitt's heaving bosoms.

It shouldn't have been that way. In 1997, Williamson was the writer who was going to resuscitate the horror flick, having just come off the massive success of Scream. As a result, there was huge anticipation surrounding his follow-up script, Summer, and raging disappointment when it featured none of the pop culture savvy and originality of Scream. Williamson's career hasn't fully recovered.

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The Faculty Review

Finally. We always knew Robert Rodriguez had talent as a filmmaker. We were just waiting for someone to put a good script in his hands, and Kevin Williamson has done that here. Do not be fooled by the woefully bad trailers, or by the fact that critics have roundly panned this horror film. The Faculty is easily the best of the genre to come along since Williamson's breakout hit, Scream. It is also the first watchable film Rodriguez has put up since storming onto the scene with El Mariachi.

Easily the biggest problem with this movie is in the marketing. I can only imagine how pissed off Williamson, Rodriguez, and everyone else involved in the movie must have been to see the film marketed as just another schlocky entry into the horror genre, which generally takes the words aliens; teenagers; battle; suspicious; killer; small town; etc. and jumble them up to come up with a concept (to wit, this time: suspicious small town teenagers battle killer aliens). Now if you are already a big 80s horror fan, just skip this review, because you already saw the movie, but this review is for people who are highly suspicious of shelling out eight bucks to see a horror flick. The only reason I actually saw The Faculty was because my little sister begged me to. But now I'm trying to convince you to.

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Scream 2 Review

Two Words: Flying Camel.

Ha! I got you. You thought it would be "Good Sequel," didn't you? The reason I say Flying Camel is because, in an ordinary universe, Flying Camels do exist (although they do in Wim Wenders' The End of Violence). In the ordinary universe, good sequels are just as rare.

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