The biggest news in TV currently is probably to do with a show that isn't even airing on television, the production of House of Cards – a remake of a BBC drama, starring none other than Kevin Spacey.

But the biggest news about the production isn’t in the impressive cast or production team, or even in its whopping $100 million price tag, but its brand new method of distribution – exclusively online, through internet film and TV distribution giant, Netflix. It was a huge gamble on the part of the company, but considering the impressive first episode, it might pay off big time. Yesterday, all sixteen episodes of the drama were made readily available through Netflix (provided, of course, you have the $6.99 to pay for them and the better part of a day to dedicate to it).

We’ll try to keep this spoiler free and just say that the first episode certainly captivates the audience with some cool, if morally questionable characters, great dialogue and of course, the beautiful, moody cinematography to wrap all of that into a nice neat package of TV buff bait. It may be too early to call it a smash success yet, but let’s just say Netflix execs knew what they were doing when they picked this one. It may or may not be a revolution in television, but House of Cards is certainly a good show.