Kevin Spacey's global trip performing an adaptation of William Shakespeare's Richard III is to be released on film.

The House of Cards star portrayed the villainous king in a London theatre production of Shakespeare's play two years ago (12) and he has since turned the world into his stage by performing it in various different cities.

Now he is eyeing a new film, titled Now, which charts the development of the global theatre project.

Spacey explains, "We had 20 actors; half of them from America (and) half of them from Great Britain and we went around the world in 10 months and did Richard Iii in all these cities around the world, and I decided it was worth documenting.

"For all those people who say, 'Why do you do theatre and why is theatre important to you?' this is a film that I hope answers a lot of those questions... It's a really intimate look at what it's like to be an actor in a company and go around the world and do classic work."

The film was shot in Turkey, Spain, China, Italy and America.