Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey turned the air blue on respected Bbc current affairs show Newsnight on Wednesday (04Jun14) when he uttered a four-letter word during an interview.

The American Beauty star moved to the U.K. in 2003 to take up his role as artistic director of The Old Vic theatre, and he considers himself an 'honorary Londoner' because of his close ties with the city.

He was interviewed for the Bbc's flagship news show on Wednesday but he left viewers of the highbrow programme stunned when he used an expletive to explain why he will "never" leave the U.K.

Spacey said, "I mean I'm never going to leave (for good). It's not like, 'Oh, I'm going to get on a plane and f**k off'. I will always be a part of this country and I will always have a place in London. It's a huge part of my life."

Revered journalist Jeremy Paxman, who hosts the show, even warned viewers in advance about Spacey's slip-up, saying, "Be warned, though. He likes the odd Anglo-Saxonism."