Kevin Spacey found working with David Fincher ''sublime''.

The 53-year-old actor stars as Francis Underwood in the remake of iconic 90s BBC political drama 'House of Cards' and although he and the director took influence from the original series - set after Margaret Thatcher's reign as Prime Minister in the UK - Kevin believes they have put their own spin on the show that will take it in new ''directions''.

He said: ''I've known every step of what's going on, they've asked my opinion about everything. We've used the British series as a launching pad but we go off in all kinds of different directions.

''Working with [David] is sublime...there's a shorthand he and I have which means I trust him. When David Fincher gets obsessed about something it's really good.''

The new show will be exclusively available to subscribers of video streaming company Netflix - an idea which Kevin thinks is ''pretty awesome'' - and chief content officer of the service, Ted Sarandos, believes this opportunity to collaborate with such big names will help their overall image.

He explained: ''We really wanted to make sure our first project allowed us to enter the market loudly. We're working with probably the finest director of our generation in his first venture into television and one of the greatest actors of this time from a script by an Oscar nominee. That tells the world we're serious.''