It’s hard to call this sad news when it was never news to begin with, but Kevin Spacey won’t be terrorising agent 007 in the next James Bond movie. The House of Cards confirmed as much to The BBC in a recent interview.

Kevin SpaceyKevin Spacey has ruled himself out of a Bond villain role

"I don't know why people keep writing about this," said Spacey, referencing the rumors that he was in line for a Bond villain role. "I've been offered no role, I've never read a script, no, I am not doing the next James Bond movie."

Sam Mendes is returning to take charge of the 24th Bond film following the enormous success of his pervious effort. Skyfall, the 23rd Bond movie, was the most financially successful in the entire series, and stunned the critics, garnering some excellent reviews. 

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"I don't know who started the rumour but stop it," continued Spacey to BBC News. “Obviously if he (Mendes) wanted me he would've offered me the role. I don't even know if there is a role frankly."

Most would agree that Spacey would make a formidable foe for Bond to pit his wits against. The actor, who has been promoting his new documentary, Now: In the Wings on a World Stage, has enjoyed some memorable villainous roles in his career, from Seven’s John Doe to the more contemporary Frank Underwood, the unrelenting political schemer in Netflix’s political thriller. 

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Spacey also enjoys the role of pantomime villain. He recently chastised a theatregoer attending his performance of Clarence Darrow for their loud mobile phone. “If you don’t answer that, I will!” he bellowed while remaining in characters, much to the audience’s delight.