Kevin Spacey is stepping into the unknown with new television series ‘House of Cards’ – a high class adaptation of a British political thriller that will not be found on any regular television channel.


The show, produced by multi-award winning director David Fincher, will not be found on HBO, AMC, Fox or Showtime – instead, it will air on the subscription streaming service Netflix. House of Cards will be streamed to laptops and flashy flat-screen televisions through Internet enables devices and set top boxes. Essentially, its audience will be made up entirely of those who really, really, want to watch the show. “It's sort of like we're the new television series that isn't on television,” Spacey told the Huffington Post.

The whole thing kicks off on February 1, 2013, though when we say the ‘whole’ thing, we really do mean it. All 13 hours of House of Cards will premiere on Netflix on the same day – a potentially landmark event that could change the way we consume television. Some ambitious TV-drama fans could be done with the whole series during a particularly lazy Sunday. It’s probably worth pointing out that House of Cards doesn’t follow the trend of the average Web-series with low budgets and lower risks. Netflix reportedly paid $100 million for two seasons. “When we got into original programming, I wanted it to be loud and deliberate,” says Ted Sarandos, head of content at Netflix, “I wanted consumers to know that we were doing it and I wanted the industry to know that we were doing it so we could attract more interesting projects. Doing it in some half way, some small thing, it wasn't going to get us there.”

So, anyway, what’s the show all about? What do Netflix get for their 100 million bucks? The revered British original show aired in three seasons between 1990 and 1996, following a scheming manipulating politician who was all-too happy to share his power hungry side with the camera. Spacey is likely to be perfect as the comic anti-hero.

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