Kevin Spacey has a new party trick, he does impressions of his indefatigable, uncompromising and rutless character on 'House of Cards,' Frank Underwood who – and look away if you don’t want to know what happens – becomes President of The United states via a regimented diet of backstabbing, conniving plans, murder and weird threesomes.


He gave us a little bit of Underwood when he came out to introduce the honorary Oscars back in March, and now India – and more specifically, its House of Cards fans - have been subject to a slice of the politician, but this time it’s far less colloquial.

"House of Cards is really big in India, I discovered," Spacey told reporters at the International Indian Film Academy Awards which took place in Tampa, Floria – the first time they’ve been held in America. "Except isn't it funny that Netflix doesn't exist there yet. Which means that you're stealing it.” Ouch. Underwood. (AFP)

More: Maryland Legislators Vote To Keep House Of Cards Production In The State

The hit show, which is available exclusively via the streaming platform, Netflix, recently threatened to stop filming in Maryland due to tax restrictions. But an agreement has recently been made, giving the show the tax breaks it needs to carry on filming in a location in which two very successful seasons have already been made. 

House of CardsFrank and Claire Underwood (Spacey and Robyn Wright) don't want 'House of Cards' being pirated, India

"Spoiler alert: we're going to keep the 3,700 jobs and more than 100 million dollars of economic activity and investment that 'House of Cards' generates right here in Maryland," O'Malley said in the statement. "Media Rights Capital has been a great supporter of the people and entertainment community in Maryland, and we couldn't be happier to continue our partnership,” said Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley, confirming that the show would get $11.5 million in tax credits in 2014.