Moviemaker Kevin Smith has explained his decision to self-distribute his new film RED STATE - he's sick of massive marketing costs in Hollywood.
The director premiered the horror movie at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah on Sunday (23Jan11) and revealed he would be releasing the $4 million (£2.7 million) picture through his newly-formed Smodcast Pictures company.
Smith has now taken to his page to explain to fans why he's taken the unusual route of shunning Hollywood distributors - insisting he doesn't want to be forced to spend millions on dollars on marketing the movie.
In a series of posts, he writes, "I'm gonna release my movie without spending $20 million. I wasn't like 'Burn in hell! You're all wrong!' I said it's stupid for a $4 million movie to have to spend $20 million to open in theatres, and it is for this movie. So we'll just do it ourselves.
"Even my friends in marketing aren't mad at me for saying the obvious: marketing costs are f**king ridiculous. But rather than b**ch about marketing costs, I'm trying to do something about it for my flick.
"Our whole thing isn't about making lots of money (although, we're definitely into that too); it's about not spending lots of money. I'm being anti-wasteful not anti-'H'wood' - and there's not a business in the world that'd frown on savings."