Vmas Host Kevin Hart Tells Us To Forgive And Forget Kristen Stewart's Cheating Antics - Comments and Message Board

It is amazing that this is being treated like cheating is an afterthought. This is not the movies where you have a happy ending. There are several parites that got hurt by what two irresponsble people did and lets not forget the kids that will have to deal with this if there parents decide to separate. Kevin, you are an entertainer and please stick to that. Kristen, I hope Robert moves on and never looks back. From what I saw from the pictures, you knew exactly what you were doing and your only regret is that you got caught.

Posted 3 years 5 months ago by juju69711

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I agree with Kevin Hart said, you all need to forgive Kristen and forget about what happen. She messedup she made a human mistake so what so haven't you, your not perfect nether and nether am I. So Robert you also need to forgive Kristen and forget about it, give her a second chance take her she loves you and I know you love her. be the man you are and forgive her you need to reconcile with her, your love is strong, you two can work things out it will take a lot of work, but you two are still young you can do it. At lest try you won't know and till you do just think about it. do not let friends or family interfear, you make your own mind up not them follow your heart if you love someone trust your heart. I am your fan and Kristen's fan to please try to work it out good luck and best wishes love you guys.

Posted 3 years 5 months ago by mae

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