'Ride Along', the newest buddy movie which stars Kevin Hart and Ice-Cube, still reigns No.1 at the North American box office after debuting to record-breaking figures last weekend.  The comedy flick earned $21.1 million in its second week of release. 

Watch the 'Ride Along' trailer here

Last week 'Ride Along' broke the record the top-grossing film during MLK weekend when it garnered $41.2 million, as well as becoming the highest-grossing Friday-Sunday January opener in history.

The film follows Hart, who plays an all-talk security guard called 'Ben Barber', Barber has to prove to 'James Payton' (Ice-Cube), an APD detective, that he is worthy of marrying Payton's sister Angela. To test Barber's competence, Detective Payton takes him on a 24-hour patrol, will his nerve hold?

This is Kevin Hart's first starring role in a Hollywood movie, but has appeared in supporting roles and other memorable cameo appearances throughout his career. 

'Ride Along' was expected to face tough competition over the weekend against the debuting 'I, Frankenstein', but the fantasy action flick, starring Aaron Eckhart, looks as though it will not be able to surpass its $68 million budget, debuting at No.6 with $8.27 million. 

The most recent adaptation of Mary Shelley's Gothic Novel, sees Eckhart play Frankenstein's monster, Adam. The Stuart Beattie-directed film is set in an alternative era where two supernatural clans battled for supremacy. 

Watch the 'I, Frankenstein' trailer here

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