Little is certain in the world of film; projects get canned, delayed and turn out to be rubbish despite everyone’s best intentions, but there can be one thing you can be sure of: if a film surpasses its box office expectations, there’ll be a second one, and probably a third one. Enter, Ride Along 2.

Kevin HartKevin Hart will be back for Ride Alone 2

The big-grossing comedy movie has been greenlighted for a sequel, Deadline – as always – report. We’ll see the whole gang return if things go to plan. Tim Story will direct and Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are to reprise their roles as the goofy security guard (Hart) who has designs on his Cube’s sister.

As with most things, Ride Along’s second coming is due to money. It was relatively cheap to make with a production budget of $25m, and hasn’t been heavily marketed either. It then brought in $120m from the global box office market confirming it as a huge success.

It also signalled Hart’s rise to prominence. The 34-year-old actor and comedian has been slugging away since 2002 with a mixture of minor and background roles. He’s been a popular figure for the past decade, but really enjoyed a boom in popularity with his role in Ride Along; he’s now booked up until 2016 with films like The Wedding Ringer and Captain Underpants. Not the most mature body of work, but successful nonetheless.

Watch the 'Ride Along' trailer:

A huge part of Ride Along’s success found itself in the chemistry between Hart and Cube. "Before we started the one thing about the script was there was a great collaboration between us of just making the material right. You know, if you don't have “a solid story, you don't have a solid movie,” explained Hart to

“So the one thing that we all say is that it needs to be real. It needs to come off grounded. It was already on the page of what it was, but then Tim and me going back and forth, and Will, just about, "Hey look, this isn't real gamer talk. It should be a little more and we should add it."