Kevin Hart tried to face his fears while appearing on Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show.'

The 34 year-old comedian agreed to join the chat show host on a roller coaster ride to finally beat this phobia once and for all.

"We are here at Universal Orlando Resort, home of the greatest roller coasters in the world," Fallon announced on the late night show Tuesday (June 17th). "I love roller coasters, but they scare me sometimes."

Hart quickly responded, "I don't like them."

"You don't like them?" Fallon asked.

The 'Think Like A Man Too' actor angrily answered, "You know damn well I don't like roller coasters, Jimmy."

Fallon put it upon himself to help Hart overcome his fear of theme park rides by telling the studio audience, "We're riding the Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket," before showing a clip of the pair's roller coaster experience.

As they approached the high-speed ride, both of them quickly realized what they were about to put themselves through.

"I'm not even going to lie, Jimmy. I'm nervous," Hart said, in a serious tone. "Now, I can't turn back. I'll look like a b---h if I turn back. Let's just do it."

But as the duo are about to get on board the ride, the 'Ride Along' actor is stopped by an employee to check if he meets the roller coaster's height requirement.

"I'm a grown man," the 5-foot-2 actor snapped.

Hart was clearly terrified throughout the whole experience, and although Fallon seemed more relaxed, one of the funniest moments in his career occurred.

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"A bug!" the chat show emcee shouted, before the camera slows down to catch a black bug flying into his face. "I got hit by a bug."

Once the roller coaster had stopped, Fallon turned to Hart and said, "Dude, you did great.Here's the good news. We're going to go again."

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"What?" the comedian shouted nervously. "One more time! Go!" Fallon screamed before the ride took off again.

"No!" Hart yelled. "Stop playing, Jimmy! No!"

Kevin Hart
Hart faced his fear of roller coasters on the 'Tonight Show'