Kevin Costner's September (04) wedding ceremony left funnyman Tim Allen in fits of giggles as he watched guests stamp all over butterflies intended to flutter away as the movie star walked down the aisle with his new bride.

The butterflies had been boxed up for too long and refused to fly off, as romantic Costner had hoped. Instead they just fluttered to the floor, where wedding guests tried not to kill them.

Costner's pal Allen recalls, "They had butterflies and that part was funny to me. They opened up a box and butterflies came out, however they'd been in the box a little too long.

"I couldn't stop watching these butterflies. There's kids going, 'The butterflies!'... There was a little few too many on the ground."

Allen fears Costner and his wife Christine Baumgartner will be plagued by creepy crawlies for the rest of their lives - as payback for the butterfly carnage on their wedding day.

He adds, "They'll be bothered by caterpillars the rest of their lives - to pay for this."

26/11/2004 19:12