Kevin Costner had planned to step back behind the camera to direct new mini-series Hatfields & Mccoys but he reluctantly gave up the job due to scheduling conflicts.
The Bodyguard star, who won a Best Director Oscar for his 1990 movie Dances with Wolves, wanted to take charge of the Civil War drama, but commitments with his band Modern West and the new Superman movie Man of Steel left him struggling to find the time.
However, he admits was pleased when his bosses let him stay on as an actor in the project.
Costner tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I had music commitments. And I was looking at a level of commitment for Man of Steel. So I had to say: 'I can't. Do you still want me as an actor?'"
However, Costner didn't enjoy the long 85-day shoot in Romania as he was forced to spend so much time away from his wife and children.
He adds, "I had already been on the road for a month with my band in Europe. Basically, I went right to Romania, started filming at the end of September and went into December and only had 10 days when I came home because I was just starving (to see my family). You get lonely. You get terribly lonely."