Kevin Costner says 'western' movies are often "not done well" and blames filmmakers for being 'lazy'.
KEVIN COSTNER, the American OSCAR winning actor, says 'western' movies are often 'not done well' but noted that the genre can be "incredibly entertaining" when directors get it right.Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Costner was asked why he thought Westerns hadn't performed better in America, to which he replied, "Because mostly they're not done well. It was a very complicated time, and filmmakers tend to simplify them with the black hat, white hat. When they were enjoying their largest acceptance back in the '50s and '60s, filmmakers just got lazier and lazier" Costner, who appeared as the lead in the acclaimed 1994 western 'Wyatt Earp', said the traditional formula for the genre can be hugely successful on the screen, adding, "When they're done really well, there's a lot of dilemma because the way you and I live, if someone threatens us, there are three or four different layers that we can go to - the police, our politics, our PR person, our agent, our lawyer - to arbitrate our problems. Back then you had nobody to arbitrate your problems, and very often you found yourself even against the law."
Costner will soon begin work on his next project, directing the action-drama 'A Little War of Our Own'. The movie, set in WWII, centres on a sheriff whose town is about to explode into violence.