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Stephen Yaxley Lennon and Kevin Carroll - Former leaders of the English Defence (EDL) League, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll at a press conference in the Montague Hotel announcing why they have left the far-right protest group. To the right of Lennon sits Maajid Nawaz, Chairman and co-founder of the Quilliam Foundation. - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 8th October 2013

Stephen Yaxley Lennon and Kevin Carroll

Ed's Next Move Review

This year's low-budget success story and darling of the festival circuit, Ed's Next Move is one of a handful of recent pictures that is truly deserving of its praise.

The Manhattan-based indie traces a few weeks in the life of urban greenhorn Eddie (Matt Ross), whose titular move is from the wide-open, cheesy state of Wisconsin to the dog-eat-dog world of New York City. Eddie, a genetics researcher and rice breeder, faces the world alone -- a stranger in a strange land. He lives in a cheap motel while he tries to find a non-psychotic roommate, can't get a simple hamburger at a restaurant, and finds his Midwestern sensibilities out of place in the big city.

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Pipe Dream Review

Very Good
Somewhere between Living in Oblivion and Cyrano de Bergerac lies Pipe Dream, John Walsh's quirky and endearing little comedy about love, the movies, and plumbing.

Martin Donovan stars as David, an everyday plumber who longs for the torrid love affairs that come with being a movie director. With the help of friend RJ (Kevin Carroll) and a script stolen from client/neighbor Toni (Mary-Louise Parker), David reinvents himself as "David Coppelberg," using Toni's script to stage a casting call and meet endless eligible ladies. But the movie, of course, takes on a life of its own, and soon enough David finds himself in the director's chair, with Toni (who's forgiven him for the theft) coaching him from the back seat.

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Paid In Full Review


The familiar story told in "Paid In Full," the story of a good ghetto kid seduced into the drug trade with tragic results, covers no new territory. But it's a story told so well -- with veracity, raw compassion, well-drawn characters and strong performances -- that its common cautionary tale feels as compelling as it might have been in the 1980s, when the film takes place and before this type of movie became its own genre.

"Paid" plays as if it were made by people who lived it. People like Ace (Wood Harris), a reticent clerk at a neighborhood dry cleaners who has always been happy to blend into the woodwork and just be a survivor, even as he sees his closest friends becoming flush with cash, clothes and cool cars."That ain't my flow, man," Ace says when his best friend Mitch (Mekhi Phifer) tries to lure him into his small-time drug empire.

But as temptations mount (a local Colombian cartel middleman leaves him a cocaine "tip" in a jacket pocket at the cleaners), power becomes attractive (he'd like to get his sister away from her pimp-dealer boyfriend) and opportunities present themselves (Mitch gets arrested, leaving his street business up for grabs). Ace succumbs, in small increments, to the enticements of what seems like an effortless road to living well.

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Kevin Carroll

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Lana Del Rey Has The World In 'Love' With Her New Single

Lana Del Rey Has The World In 'Love' With Her New Single

The singer releases her new album later this year.

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Paid In Full Movie Review

Paid In Full Movie Review

The familiar story told in "Paid In Full," the story of a good ghetto kid...

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