The Fox TV network revealed yesterday (May 15, 2012) that Kevin Bacon is their secret weapon when it comes to winning viewer ratings in the fall. Fox have secured a new Kevin Bacon drama series, entitled 'The Following,' for their forthcoming schedule. According to Philadelphia Daily News, the show will stars Bacon as a former Fbi agent, tracking a "vast network of serial killers."
Bacon has built up a solid reputation as a Hollywood movie actor but aside from guest appearances, he rarely makes it onto the small screen. That's all about to change now, though, with the show that Fox's entertainment bosses are proudly announcing as "the next '24.'" Kevin Reilly, Fox's Entertainment President said that managing to secure 53 year-old Bacon in the role was "the casting coup of the year.He had expressed an interest. There are more and more big stars who are intrigued with doing television." 'The Following' will apparently run for a straight 15 weeks. "We want to start experimenting, selectively, with shorter orders," said Reilly. "Kevin (Bacon) was willing to do 15 maximum [per season], not 24 . and he just loved the script. So he signed on. He's really one of the great actors of our time."
Fox also announced that Britney Spears and Demi Lovato will be the new judges on the US series of X Factor this year, alongside La Reid. There were also suggestions that the American Idol format will be tinkered with, though it is unclear as yet what changes will be made.