Kevin Bacon's new TV show 'The Following' premiered to stellar ratings.

The 54-year-old actor's serial killer drama reached 10.4 million viewers on Monday evening (21.01.13) in the US, making it the most-watched episode of any scripted series on the Fox network this season.

Fox reached averaged a solid 3.1 rating with their target audience of adults under 50, putting the eerie thriller just behind CBS's 'Elementary' as the second highest-rated drama debut of the season.

'Apollo 13' star Kevin Bacon makes his small screen debut in Kevin Williamson's new show as FBI Agent Ryan Hardy, and the first episode saw his character called back into action to pursue escaped murderer Joe Carroll.

James Purefoy co-stars as the charismatic killer, who has used his decade behind bars to amass a cult following of like-minded gore-lovers.

However, the show received mixed reviews online, particularly in the UK where it aired on Sky Atlantic last night (22.01.13), with many pointing out its clichéd and implausible nature.

Digital Spy commented: ''Even beyond the one-note characters, the show indulges in far too many tried-and-tested horror tropes'', while The Telegraph newspaper hinted: ''The plot raced on, without deviation from predictable horror fare, until the surprise ending.''