A steamy shower scene featuring Kevin Bacon and Matt Dillon in the 1998 film Wild Things was scrapped because financiers feared it would upset audiences.

The final scene gained notoriety for Bacon's full-frontal exposure as he climbed out of the shower, but movie-makers had originally intended to push the boundaries even further by teaming him up with Dillon in the cubicle.

However, much to Bacon's dismay, producers axed the scene to prevent shocking fans of the two actors.

He says, "Matt was going to climb in there with me! I thought it was great, because the whole movie is about secrets coming out."

The FOOTLOOSE star was also surprised that his private parts attracted so much attention: "I thought Matt Dillon was blocking me. Then they called me up and said, 'The way we have to cut it now, you're full frontal.' I said, 'Oh well, how does it look? Let me see it!'

"I thought it over and said, 'Alright.' I was shocked when everyone went on about it after the movie's release."

21/02/2005 17:43