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Kevin Bacon (born 8.7.1958) is an American actor. Amongst his best-known films are Footloose, Flatliners and Mystic River.

Childhood: Kevin Bacon is the oldest of six children. He was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by his mother, Ruth and his father Edmund. Ruth was a teacher at elementary school and Edmund was an architect.

At the age of 16, Kevin Bacon attended the Pennsylvania Governors School for the Arts, which was a state-funded five-week arts course. It was this course that ignited Bacon's passion for acting.

Career: Kevin Bacon left home at the age of 17, in order to develop his career in theatre in New York. He appeared in a production at the Circle in the Square Theatre School.

His film debut came in 1978 when he appeared in John Landis' frat-house comedy Animal House, alongside John Belushi, Donald Sutherland and Tim Matheson. Although the film has become something of a cult comedy hit, it did not lead to instant fame for Kevin Bacon as he had hoped.

Instead, he returned to theatre work (including Getting Out and Flux) as well as small TV roles, in soap operas such as Search For Tomorrow, which also featured a number of other would-be stars, such as Viggo Mortenson, Kevin Kline and Angela Bassett. Kevin Bacon also featured in The Guiding Light, an award-winning daytime TV drama.

In 1982, Kevin Bacon starred in Forty Deuce and won an Obie award for his performance. Shortly after this, he made his debut on Broadway, in Slab Boys. The show also starred Sean Penn and Val Kilmer, both of whom were relative unknowns at the time. That same year, he also starred in Barry Levinson's Diner, which co-starred Steve Guttenberg, Mickey Rourke and Ellen Barkin. Kevin Bacon played the role of Timothy Fenwick and his performance was noted by critics and audiences alike.

Bacon's next performance would bolster his profile even further: in 1984, he starred in Footloose, opposite Lori Singer, Diane West and John Lithgow. The film was compared to The James Dean classic Rebel Without a Cause and Kevin Bacon's performance earned him an appearance on the cover of People magazine.

Following the success of Footloose, Kevin Bacon struggled to shake off the on-screen image and found himself typecast. In an attempt to rebel against the typecasting, the late 1980s became something of a career slump for him. In 1988, Kevin Bacon starred in the John Hughes comedy She's Having A Baby opposite Elizabeth McGovern. The next year, he starred in another comedy, The Big Picture, which also featured Teri Hatcher and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

1990 saw Kevin Bacon starring in Tremors, a comic horror that also starred Fred Ward and Reba McEntire. That same year, he also starred in Joel Schumachers' Flatliners. This would become one of the most popular films of the 1990s, featuring an all-star cast, including Keifer Sutherland, Julia Roberts and William Baldwin. Bacon then went on to star opposite Elizabeth Perkins in He Said, She Said, in 1991.

Bacon's next major film release came when he played the role of William O'Keefe in Oliver Stone's JFK, as part of a heavyweight cast featuring Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, John Candy, Tommy Lee Jones and Joe Pesci. The quality of his work continued when he starred in A Few Good Men with Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore.

Kevin Bacon was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role opposite Meryl Streep in River Wild in 1994. He then starred with Gary Oldman and Christian Slater in Murder in the First and earned himself the 1995 Broadcast Film Critic's Association Award. He also starred in Apollo 13 that year, with Tom Hanks and Bill Paxton.

1996 saw Bacon starring in Sleepers with Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman and Brad Pitt. In 1998, Bacon played a supporting role in Wild Things (starring Nicolas Cage), of which he was also executive producer. He then went on to star in Stir of Echoes and Hollow Man (with Josh Brolin and Elisabeth Shue).

In 2004, Bacon starred in The Woodsman, another acclaimed film for him. In 2009, he was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in the HBO film Taking Chance.

Personal Life: Kevin Bacon married the actress Kyra Sedgewick in 1988. They have two children, Travis (b.1989) and Sosie (b.1992)

Kevin Bacon also has a band, with his brother Michael. The band is called The Bacon Brothers and they have released five albums.

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LA Art Show And Los Angeles Fine Art Show's 2016 Opening Night Premiere Party

Kevin Bacon - LA Art Show And Los Angeles Fine Art Show's 2016 Opening Night Premiere Party Benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital at Los Angeles Convention Center at Los Angeles Convention Center - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 27th January 2016

Kevin Bacon

Jennifer Aniston And Sofia Vergara Star In Anti-gun Violence Psa

Jennifer Aniston Sofia Vergara Kevin Bacon

The celebrities are joined by Julianne Moore, Amy Schumer, Spike Lee, Ty Burrell, Nick Offerman, Sarah Silverman, Michael J. Fox and U.S. President Barack Obama in the video, in which they all repeat the phrase, "We can end gun violence."

The PSA was created by officials at organisation Everytown for Gun Safety, with whom Julianne has been actively campaigning to improve firearms safety in America. She also helped to establish the Everytown Creative Council with fellow actors Helen Hunt, Alec Baldwin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Meg Ryan, Jeff Bridges and Kirsten Dunst.

The video also features coverage from the New York City protest director Spike led last week (ends04Dec15), immediately following the premiere of his new movie Chi-Raq, which focuses on the raging gun violence in Chicago, Illinois.

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'Imagine: John Lennon 75th Birthday Concert'

Sheryl Crow , Kevin Bacon - 'Imagine: John Lennon 75th Birthday Concert' at Madison Square Garden - Arrivals at Madison Square Garden - New York City, New York, United States - Sunday 6th December 2015

Sheryl Crow and Kevin Bacon
Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow

Imagine John Lennon 75th Birthday Concert

Kevin Bacon - Imagine John Lennon 75th Birthday Concert at Madison Square Garden at Madison Square Garden - New York, United States - Saturday 5th December 2015

Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon

Black Mass Review


For a biopic of a real-life person, this feels like an oddly standard mob thriller. It's the true story of Boston gangster James "Whitey" Bulger, and it's told with gritty filmmaking and robust performances. But there's very little about the movie that sets it apart, leaving it as yet another depiction of violent criminal ambition and betrayal. And by the end, it's difficult to escape the feeling that we've seen it all before.

It opens in 1975 South Boston, where Jimmy Bulger (Johnny Depp) runs the Irish mafia, while his brother Billy (Benedict Cumberbatch) is a senator. Their childhood friend John Connolly (Joel Edgerton) is an FBI agent who has asked for their help in taking down the rival Angiulo family, which Jimmy sees as a win-win situation: he'll get rid of the competition while avoiding jail himself. Over the next 10 years, Jimmy expands his operation dramatically, and he's not afraid to get his own hands dirty as he sorts out problems that are created by his sidekicks (including Rory Cochrane, Jesse Plemons and W. Earl Brown), all of whom are increasingly annoyed at his control-freak ways. But as Jimmy becomes even more notorious, the FBI boss (Kevin Bacon) pressures John to take him down.

The actors dive into their roles. Depp transforms himself physically into a prowling thug with terrifyingly piercing eyes. He may be a heartless killer, but he's also a caring family man. Opposite him, Edgerton has a trickier role as a federal agent who operates more like the gangster he'd rather be, casually ignoring the law to push his own agenda. In the sprawling supporting cast, only a few characters emerge memorably: Cumberbatch has a sparky presence, Cochrane offers some thoughtfulness, and Bacon gets to chomp on the scenery. Other roles are much briefer, especially the sidelined female characters.

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Scream, Sleepy Hollow, Teen Wolf: What Is Tremors The Series With Kevin Bacon Going Up Against?

Kevin Bacon Tom Mison Tyler Posey

'Tremors' is set to see a TV re-boot more than ten years since the original series was cancelled after 13 episodes. This time it's different though, as Kevin Bacon is set to return to the small screen having originally starred in the 90s film franchise.

Kevin BaconKevin Bacon to reprise his role in 'Tremors'

It's just the latest addition to the ever growing list of television re-boots of classic horror films; some of which have turned out to be amazing and others we hope we never have to see again. This monster epic is still yet to find a network, but several are thought to be interested according to reports. If 'Tremors' was never your thing, however, here's a little reminder of some other films you might want to revisit on the small screen.

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Kevin Bacon Reprising Tremors Role For Tv

Jason Blum Kevin Bacon

The Hollywood actor starred in the 1990 movie about giant killer worms, and now he's taking on the role of handyman Valentine MCKee again for an upcoming TV series.

Bacon will also executive produce the show, along with horror filmmaker Jason Blum's Blumhouse Productions and executives at Universal Cable Productions.

Tremors only grossed $16.6 million (£10.4 million) in the U.S. box office but later became a cult hit when it was released on video, spawning direct-to-video sequels.

Bernie Madoff Victims To Receive Money Back

Kevin Bacon John Malkovich Steven Spielberg Kyra Sedgwick

The celebrities were among the many wealthy clients who were conned into investing in the Wall Street fraudster's elaborate 'Ponzi scheme', which he used to fund his lavish lifestyle. The scam was exposed in 2008 when Madoff was arrested. He is currently serving a 150-year sentence in a federal prison in North Carolina.

Bankruptcy lawyers have been working to recover the lost funds ever since, and although some victims, like John Malkovich, have previously been granted settlements, others are only now starting to have funds returned.

Debt officials have so far recovered more than $11 billion of the $17 billion lost in the scheme and some lucky investors will be paid back in full, according to papers filed in court on Tuesday (20Oct15).

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Ellen Page For Flatliners Reboot?

Ellen Page Julia Roberts Kiefer Sutherland Kevin Bacon Julianne Moore

Ellen Page is in talks to star in the reboot of 'Flatliners.'

The 'Juno' star, 28, is being lined up to take on the lead role in the remake of the '90s original sci-fi film, which starred Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon, following two years of drafting, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Ben Ripely has penned the updated script, which will no doubt see more modern science woven into the storyline as it follows a group of medical students who cause themselves surreal mental anguish with their near-death experiments.

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Kevin Bacon Locked Son In Car

Kevin Bacon Kyra Sedgwick

Kevin Bacon was so excited about taking his newborn son home from hospital, he locked the baby in his car.

The 'Cop Car' actor and wife Kyra Sedgwick were left ''panicked'' when they accidentally left Travis, now 26, on the backseat of their Nissan Pathfinder with the keys in the ignition and the engine running.

He recalled: ''My son was born in a hospital in LA.

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Kevin Bacon Volunteers At Food Rescue Group For 9/11 Day

Kevin Bacon

The Footloose star was living in Manhattan's Upper West Side neighbourhood 14 years ago when the atrocity unfolded, and to mark the tragic anniversary, he decided to offer up his services as a volunteer on what has become known on social media as #911Day.

He headed to Queens to help officials at food rescue charity City Harvest pick through fruit and vegetables from local farmers' markets to repackage and distribute to the needy.

Speaking at the event, he said, "To do something with your hands that is helping people who are less fortunate, to me it's a pretty powerful idea."

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Sienna Miller Cut From Black Mass

Sienna Miller Johnny Depp Benedict Cumberbatch Dakota Johnson Joel Edgerton Juno Temple Corey Stoll Kevin Bacon Adam Scott Peter Sarsgaard

Sienna Miller has been cut from 'Black Mass'.

The 33-year-old actress filmed scenes as Catherine Greig, the girlfriend of Johnny Depp's character Whitey Bulger, for the upcoming biopic on the infamous Irish-American mobster Bulger but they were left on the cutting room floor.

Director Scott Cooper told the Boston Globe that although Sienna was ''fantastic, it came down to narrative choices''.

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Kevin Bacon To Star In Stage Version Of Rear Window

Kevin Bacon James Stewart

The Footloose actor has signed on to play L. B. Jeffries, the wheelchair-bound photographer who is convinced he has witnessed a murder in a neighbouring apartment.

The production, staged by Tony award winner Darko Tresnjak and adapted by playwright Keith Reddin, will run at Hartford Stage in Connecticut from 22 October to 15 November (15)

Tresnjak tells The Hollywood Reporter, "Keith Reddin's taut adaptation takes place inside of a sweltering, claustrophobic apartment, very much like the addled brain of the leading character, who will be played by Kevin Bacon. I can't imagine finer collaborators than Kevin and Keith in exploring the terrifying psychological landscape of this timeless thriller."

Los Angeles Premiere Of 'Adult Beginners'

Kevin Bacon - Los Angeles premiere of 'Adult Beginners' at the ArcLight Hollywood at ArcLight Theater Hollywood - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 15th April 2015

Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon Teams Up With American Egg Board

Kevin Bacon - The Following actor Kevin Bacon has teamed up with the American Egg Board for its new marketing campaign, which aims to promote the nutritional benefits of eggs. Bacon, who'll star in online video, print, digital and social media ads throughout the next year, said 'With a last name like Bacon, I'm the obvious choice, and I'm excited to be a part of the new Incredible Edible Egg campaign. I like the creativity behind the idea, and I've always been a big fan of eggs. They're a nutritional powerhouse and I never get tired of them because there are so many ways you can eat them'. - - Wednesday 18th March 2015

Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon

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Kevin Bacon

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8th July, 1958







Backstage at the John Lennon 75th. Should be a great night. #JohnLennon75 #warisover
Didn't realize how composting could change kids lives until volunteering @harlemgrown urban farm. Please donate!
We just had to make a snowman #blizzard
We teamed up w/ @incredibleeggs to support @harlemgrown urban farm in #Harlem. Worth a visit (& your donation!)
9yr old schooled me on composting & food today. Give to @harlemgrown & we'll match up to $3k thx to @IncredibleEggs!
Just saw #ColinQuinn #NewYorkStory #CherryLane laughed until we cried @kyrasedgwick
Nice work sosiebacon #grateful for the pie work.
Me and  @kyrasedgwick 9 months pregnant 26 years ago on the #Tremors set. Might be time to head back to Perfection

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