Ke$ha used to make her own clothes to wear at school.

The 26-year-old singer admits she got bullied during her younger years for her unconventional look, and despite mostly learning to deal with harsh comments, she sometimes still feels down when people criticise her style.

She told LOOK magazine: ''I was bullied. I'd make my own clothes and come to school with a different hair colour every day and people thought I was a freak.

''[Some] days I'm good about [criticism] and others it really does affect me.''

Ke$ha insists she is now ''confident'' with her clothing choices and doesn't even notice if her weight fluctuates because she never jumps on the scales.

She added: ''I've been preparing for my tour so maybe the dancing has done it. I don't weigh myself. It's all about living a happy life and being confident with what I'm wearing.

''Maybe that's what's shining through rather than a couple of pounds here and there.''