Spoiler alert.

TV season finales are abundant this week, but a particularly painful one has to be that of Scandal. The second season of the ABC series ended with a lot of drama, so pretty much the way it began. Fair warning though, this recap will contain spoilers for the finale.

DAD? Is it true? Is Rowan really Olivia’s father? Of course it’s true, this particular plot twist surprised very few people, as some fans guessed it as soon as Rowan (aka Mystery Man) showed up earlier this season.

But the personal drama was nothing compared to the tension in office, as Vice president Sally Langston decided that she wants to run against President Grant in the upcoming election and Cyrus flipped out at her. But hey, equality! Strong female characters! We assume the social justice crusaders were doing happy backflips at that point. And then we all got a big, steaming helping of intrigue and convoluted plots. No, we won’t spoil the whole episode for you. Let’s just leave it on the “DAD!?” cliffhanger until next season. And yes, there will be a next season, as Scandal got renewed by ABC just a week ago. But, if you’ve been watching scandal for a while, this is the kind of finale that pays off for the dedication.

Kerry Washington, TV Upfront Arrivals
Scandal star Kerry Washington, arriving at ABC's TV Upfront presentation.