A church explosion, a rape accusation, meningitis and a dramatic resignation. Only in the finale of TV’s craziest show, Scandal. Within five minutes Sally and Andrew had managed to escape an explosion, which is then savvily spun into a PR stunt. Amid Fitz’ promises to her that he would divorce his wife, Liv tells the President that she believes his father, Jerry, had raped Mellie.

Kerry Washington Olivia PopeOlivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, has quit

The paternity of Fitz and Mellie’s son is established - Fitz is the father. Sadly this means that once again Olivia and Fitz are destined to be kept apart, but she explains that she would not want to be with someone who could leave his wife after such shocking news. Liv goes to visit her father, who is recovering from a stabbing, only to find her mother who tries to explain how she has acting with her daughter’s best interests at heart.

Fitz prepares to make his final speech before the elections get underway, only to be rudely interrupted by Jerry, who starts coughing up blood. He’s rushed to the hospital, but to no avail. He’s fallen victim to a strain of meningitis that was stolen out of a government laboratory a week earlier. So, Jerry's dead.  Fitz and Rowan are sure that Maya is the culprit and Rowan vows to help the president kill her.

Overcome with guilt for her mother’s wrongdoings, Olivia quits and leaves town. In other news, Huck may on the verge of finding his family. We’ll have to wait for Season 4 to find out what was on the other side of the door.

So, another quiet episode of Scandal then.

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