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Tyler Perry’s conveyor belt of movies has thrown up another light-hearted comedy, this time in the form of Peeples, directed by Tina Gordon Chism and starring Django Unchained star Kerry Washington and Craig Robinson. It centers around a well-off East Coast family celebrating a reunion weekend in the Hamptons. However, the retreat is interrupted when their daughter Grace’s (Washington) fiance Wade (Robinson) crashes the party to announce their surprise engagement.

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It all comes across as pretty standard Tyler Perry fare. Grace’s father is a difficult man who doesn’t approve of his daughter’s fiance. Wade has to convince the family that he’s the right guy for his wife-to-be, sometimes with ‘hilarious’ consequences. We’ve seen it all before, though Peeples will probably turn out to be entertaining enough. The trailer brings to mind various other Perry movies, as well as Meet the Parents and its sequels. A strong sense of togetherness and family values should see it pull in the crowds at the theater, giving Perry a good return for his budget. There’s some strong moments in the trailer (not including the dog chase scene) and Washington shines on-screen as usual.

Peeples also represents Diahann Carroll’s first movie since 1997’s Eve's Bayou. “I loved the writing of this film, and when I got there I discovered she was marvelous as a director,” she said of Tina Gordon Chism.

Peoples will hit cinemas on May 10, 2013.

A still from PeeplesA still from Tina Gordon Chism's Peeples

A still from Peeples
A still from 
Tina Gordon Chism's Peeples

Kerry Washington & Craig Washington in Peeples
Kerry Washington & Craig Robinson in Peeples