Last year was pretty brilliant for Kerry Washington: she starred in Quentin Tarantino’s slavery epic, Django Unchained, and her show – Scandal – was a huge success.

Kerry Washington

Now reveling in the show’s second season, Washington - who is pregnant – looks like she's going from strength-to-strength. Well, rounding it off with a hosting performance on SNL with Eminem as your musical guest isn’t a bad way to compete!

Her promotional video for the show features an excitable Taran Killam, who is the antithesis of Eminem. Just watch the promo below. Of course, we now know that Eminem loves cupcakes, but on reflection, is that such a surprise. We bet all the rappers like cupcakes.

The Detroit rapper is currently promoting his new material, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which will come on November 5th. The rapper’s steely performance on the promo vid is reminiscent of his recent showing on ESPN, when he asked Brent Musburger to call a Lions Game. The whole thing is uncomfortable, with many fans suggesting he was on drugs throughout the interview - though obviously we couldn't possibly comment. 

Watch Eminem being weird.

Back to Washington, though, and the Scandal star was recently moved to dismiss the rumors that she’s a lesbian, as her current (rumoured) pregnancy and husband, NFL star Nnamdi Asomugha don’t quite do it for her.

“I like how people will post pictures of me with other women that I adore, hugging on the red carpets, and say, "See?" Are we so uncomfortable with love between two people of the same gender that we immediately label it as sexual?” she told Advocate Magazine.

“It's interesting how much people long to fill in the gaps when someone in the public eye doesn't share their personal life,' she said. 'I understand their frustration.”

Now watch him be dead still, and Washington be excited

You can check out Washington on SNL with musical interludes from Eminem tomorrow, November 2nd.