Actress Kerry Washington practically lived with her comedy co-stars on the set of new movie Peeples - because the family spread featured in the film doubled as their home from home.

The new film, produced by Tyler Perry, centres around Craig Robinson's character Wade Walker, who crashes a family reunion to ask for permission to marry his girlfriend, Grace Peeples, played by Washington.

The budget for the movie didn't stretch to individual trailers for the stars to relax in during breaks from shooting, so they took over the bedrooms in their movie house - and the Django Unchained beauty reveals they had a blast off camera, too.

Washington says, "While we were shooting, none of us had trailers, we all had bedrooms upstairs in the house so we really bonded like a family...

"We also had a piano in the house that everybody would gather around and play music, and everyone would actually eat in the kitchen. We did actually become this family in the movie."