Kerry Katona loves wrapping Christmas presents.

The mother-of-four likes to spend hours labouring over the gift-wrapping process and had her gifts for four-year-old Max and five-year-old Heidi picked out early this year, but says she will leaving Molly, 11, and nine-year-old Lilly-Sue's presents to the last minute because they will be spending the festive season with their father Brian McFadden.

Kerry said: ''I love Christmas. I love wrapping presents. It looks like a ball of mess though. I've just got Max and Heidi all sorted. Molly and Lilly, this year I was really bad though.

''Don't judge me, I'm a single mother, four kids to buy for. Molly and Lilly are going to Ireland this year, that's where they've been for the last two years, and they're coming back just after the New Year. So I'm thinking, I've got the list at home, I'm gonna get their presents in the sales. It makes sense.''

The feisty star says the family enjoy a cosy Christmas day of the sofa, watching quiz show 'Countdown' and getting in the festive mood with heart-warming classic films.

Kerry revealed: ''Christmas I just stay at home with the kids, waiting for 'Countdown'. My favourite Christmas film has got to be 'Gone with the Wind'. Or 'It's a Wonderful Life' with Jimmy Stewart.''