Kerry Katona's children are ''happy'' with Brian McFadden's new wife.

The Westlife singer - with whom Kerry was married and has daughters Lilly-Sue, nine, and 11-year-old Molly with - wed his second wife Vogue Williams last September and although Kerry and Brian shared vicious comments over Twitter shortly after the wedding, she insists she has no problem with Vogue as long as she is a good stepmother to her children.

Kerry said: ''As far as I'm aware, [the kids are] very OK with it, and they are very happy. Vogue is their stepmum and as long as she's a good stepmum, I have nothing to complain about. ''

The reality TV star also has children Max, four, and five-year-old Heidi with second ex-husband Mark Croft, however Kerry revealed she has been ''struggling'' to fund her children's education and look after her family as the fathers contribute ''very little''.

She added: ''Mark doesn't pay a penny and Brian has only this year agreed to pay a small percentage of the school fees. And that's after years of education. I've literally been doing it all by myself.

''I'll be bluntly honest - I'm still struggling. I'm no longer declared bankrupt, but because of my bankruptcy I can't get a mortgage for six years, so I have to rent. I have four children in private school and I receive a very little amount of income from the dads.''