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Season 2 Premiere Of 'Better Call Saul'

Kerry Condon - Season 2 premiere of 'Better Call Saul' at ArcLight Cinemas - Red Carpet Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Kerry Condon
Kerry Condon

HBO's 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards After Party

Kerry Condon - HBO's 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards After Party - Arrivals - West Hollywood, California, United States - Monday 25th August 2014

Kerry Condon
Kerry Condon
Kerry Condon

Dom Hemingway - Red Band Trailer

Dom Hemingway is a rather adept safecracker with serious anger issues and an addiction to drinking, women and partying. Having just completed a draining 12-year stint in prison, he's desperate to make up for lost time by teaming up with his old partner Dickie who has agreed to assist him in tracking down the money owed to him by his former boss Mr. Fontaine. On the way, there's plenty of boozing, sex and debauchery, but he's not happy when Fontaine offers him a price smaller than what Dom thinks his decade of silence is worth. Needless to say, the money doesn't last long as it disappears during one major bender; however, there's more than just money on his mind. His young daughter has grown up and is now a mother and he finds himself eager to rebuild a relationship with her. But making a fresh start after 12 years of absence is harder than expected.

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Dom Hemingway Review


Definitely a film of two halves, this crime comedy kicks off with a spark of witty energy as the title character blusters his way through a series of events with hilariously profane rants. Then the plot kicks in. And from here on, it's a dull slog as we lose all interest in what happens next. It's well-played and stylishly directed, but it feels pointless.

We meet Dom Hemingway (Law) just before he gets out of prison after serving 12 years for refusing to rat out his boss Ivan (Bichir), a Russian mobster now living the high life on the French Riviera. So Dom and his sardonic friend Dicky (Grant) travel from London to see Ivan. After a very rocky start caused by Dom's loose tongue, they're in the middle of wildly hedonistic holiday when things take a sudden turn. Dom finds himself penniless back in England, turning to his daughter Evelyn (Clarke) for help. When she refuses to talk to him, he seeks work from a young thug (Hunter).

Up until the mid-point plot-shift, the film is a lot of fun, mainly because Dom's tirades are riotously rude but still have a literary lilt to them. This man clearly has no filter on what he says or does, so he goes from one spot of trouble to another. Law plays him with gusto, winning us over in the comical first half then struggling to keep even a hint of sympathy in the much mopier drama that follows. Frankly, we begin to think that Dom is finally getting what he deserves; we certainly don't want him to come out on top.

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Dom Hemingway Trailer

Dom Hemingway has recently completed a 12-year stint in prison for his criminal exploits as a talented safecracker but, needless to say, he is anything but reformed. On his release, he meets up with his balding, glove-wearing partner Dickie who helps him track down his old gangster boss Mr. Fontaine to retrieve a large sum of money owed to him for keeping his silence on his criminal past for so long. The first thing he does when he gets hold of it? He throws a massive, alcohol-fuelled, women-laden party to celebrate his freedom, but with dire consequences. When he wakes up outside in the worst state he's been in for a while, he realises that his money has completely disappeared, but that's not the only thing he has to seek out. His daughter Evelyn is now a mother, and he's determined to re-build a relationship and get to know his grandson. However, getting his life on track proves more difficult than he imagined.

This gritty British crime thriller has been directed and written by Primetime Emming winning Richard Shepard ('The Matador', 'The Hunting Party', 'Oxygen'). It has a wicked humour in all the right places but looks like it could be a pretty touching story too. It is set to be released on November 15th 2013.

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The IFTA Awards 2013

Kerry Condon - The IFTA Awards 2013 Dublin Ireland Saturday 9th February 2013

Kerry Condon
Kerry Condon and James Nesbitt
Kerry Condon

Guests Attend The 2013 IFTA Awards At The Convention Centre

Kerry Condon and James Nesbitt - Guests attend the 2013 IFTA Awards at The Convention Centre Dublin Ireland Saturday 9th February 2013

Kerry Condon and James Nesbitt
Kerry Condon and James Nesbitt
Kerry Condon
Kerry Condon
Kerry Condon

Guests Leave The Gibson Hotel

David Wilmot, Molly Conroy, Kerry Condon and James Nesbitt - Guests leave the Gibson Hotel Dublin Ireland Saturday 9th February 2013

David Wilmot, Molly Conroy, Kerry Condon and James Nesbitt

This Must Be The Place Trailer

Cheyenne is a soft-spoken, retired rockstar still wearing make-up and hairspray whilst living in Dublin and has been estranged from his Jewish father for 30 years. When he discovers that his father is dying in New York, he is determined to set out to put things right with him, but his journey is delayed by Cheyenne's aversion to flying; when he finally makes his way over, he is too late to see his father alive for the final time. He learns that his father was a victim of persecution in Auschwitz during the Holocaust of World War II and that he was once made to suffer public humiliation by the Nazi officer Aloise Muller. In a last bid to make peace with his father, Cheyenne sets out to kill Muller (who is currently hiding out in the States) whilst meeting several people along the way, including members of Muller's family. When he is finally led to Muller, he finds himself confronted with a difficult decision as he listens to his story and, eventually, he manages to mark out a new chapter in his retired life.

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This Must Be The Place Review

Italian filmmaker Sorrentino creates a Jim Jarmusch-style odyssey from Ireland to America and back. Witty filmmaking and Penn's quirky performance keep it watchable, even though the story and themes are vague and elusive.

Cheyenne (Penn) is a former goth-rocker living in Dublin with his sparky firefighter wife Jane (McDormand). He's trying to hook his young friend Mary (Hewson) up with a shy waiter (Keeley), and he spends hours sitting with Mary's mother (Fouere) waiting for her missing son to come home. When his father falls ill, Cheyenne travels to New York for the funeral and then takes on his father's quest to find the Nazi who terrorised him at Auschwitz. This involves a cross-country road trip, during which Cheyenne comes to peace with himself without even realising it.

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Luck Stars Gather For Breakfast To Say Farewell To Racetrack

Ian Hart Kerry Condon

British actor Ian Hart and actress Kerry Condon were among the Luck castmates who gathered at Santa Anita racetrack in California on Friday (16Mar12) to raise a toast to the axed horseracing drama.

Show star John Ortiz organised the get together two days after the series creators, David Milch and Michael Mann, and Hbo Tv executives decided to cease production following the death of a horse on Tuesday morning (13Mar12)

The tragedy marked the third time a horse has been put down at the racetrack, where the series is filmed, during shooting.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that more than 60 cast members came together to say farewell over breakfast on Friday morning.

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The Last Station Review

A double love story based on real events from the life of Leo Tolstoy, this period film combines comedy and emotion in a way that's always entertaining, even if it sometimes feels camp and contrived.

Valentin (McAvoy) is a young Tolstoyan in 1910 assigned by the movement's leader Chertkov (Giamatti) to keep an eye on Leo Tolstoy (Plummer) and his sceptical wife Sofya (Mirren). But what Valentin finds is a lively, loving marriage that's strong enough to include opposing views. This isn't good enough for Chertkov, who moves to get Leo to change his will to leave everything to the movement. Which of course enrages Sofya. Meanwhile, Valentin is experiencing his first flush of love with a Tolstoyan commune resident (Condon).

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Mcavoy & Condon Help Stranded Holidaymakers

James McAvoy Kerry Condon

James McAvoy and his THE LAST STATION co-star Kerry Condon turned Good Samaritans recently when a flight they were stuck on failed to get off the ground - they handed out muffins and water to their fellow stranded passengers.

The two stars boarded their plane at London's Heathrow Airport two hours late and then had to wait a further eight hours until the flight took off.

But, rather than complain about the delay, the two co-stars decided to make the best out of a bad situation.

MCAvoy tells WENN, "Everybody was in really good spirit. Thousands and thousands of people were trying to get their bags out of a mountain of bags but it was hilarious.

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Unleashed Review

There is nothing that happens in Unleashed that cannot more or less be surmised from the film's trailer, yet the entertainment value of the film's 100 minutes is scarcely diminished. It is a high concept, yes (Jet Li as human attack dog), but Unleashed turns the simplicity and single-mindedness of such a concept into an asset; it is lean, exciting, and sweet, too, rivaling the better Jackie Chan pictures (both stateside and abroad).

It's about time; Jet Li has not had much luck in his American movies. He functioned all too easily as a simple variable in the formulas that were Romeo Must Die and Cradle 2 the Grave; he was the innocent, honorable, kung fu master, mostly at the service of rappers. But his damaged character in Unleashed provides workable context for both Li's boyish reserve and his furious fists.

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Ned Kelly Review


Plied with fiction and short on depth, the new biopic of legendary Australian outlaw Ned Kelly plays like "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" without the excitement, charm and humor.

Bearded and brooding but otherwise uncharismatic, Heath Ledger stars as the folk-hero bushranger (Aussie for "cowboy"), who according to this film was an upstanding citizen of the Outback frontier until contemptible, crooked, downright sinister lawmen drove him to a life of crime by picking on his family.

They jailed his ma, molested his teenage sister, and falsely accused him and his brothers of horse rustling. They "started a war" against us, Kelly says in voice-over. "So I killed their coppers. I robbed their banks."

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