Kenny Chesney sensationally had a man kicked out of one of his shows recently for the dastardly crime of . looking too much like Kenny Chesney! In a baffling scene that the very much not-Kenny Chesney, school teacher Nathan Blakenship explained to Wkrn, he was walking into the venue when he was asked to hand his ticket to security and led away.
"I just thought he was going to lead me back to my seat," Blankenship said, "which I would have been fine with - but he grabs me by the arm and starts pulling me up the walkway to the very top [of the venue]. ... He just said that [I was] purposely trying to impersonate a celebrity so we're kicking you out." More bafflingly, this wasn't a spur of the moment decision by the officials, with Blackenship's attendance at the concert apparently known about in advance, with the teacher apparently having been spotted at several Chesney concerts previously and was viewed as a disruption.
Blackenship admitted he does get confused with Chesney a lot, and has posed for pictures before, but insisted he was not out to impersonate the country singer, asking irately "Is it because I wear the hat? I see a million of these hats here. I've worn baseball caps before and people still want to have pictures made but it's never caused a problem. I can't believe they think I'm actually him. Why would Mr. Chesney be in the crowd when Tim MCGraw is singing?" Since the incident, the Messina Group, Chesney's label, have fully refunded Blackenship by way of apology.