Country star Kenny Alphin has become the latest celebrity to land in Haiti and offer help to those providing relief to the nation's earthquake survivors.
The Big & Rich star, aka Big Kenny, is on his way to Haiti as part of a relief effort group currently travelling through the Dominican Republic.
His prime objective is to locate a friend who was holidaying at the Montana Hotel in the capital Port-au-Prince when the earthquake hit last week (12Jan10).
Blogging about his trip to friends and fans, Alphin writes, "The descriptions of the casualties is heart-sinking, though the outpouring of aid from around the world that I am witnessing is none short of amazing... Love is flowing. That is good.
"I heard a French girl was pulled from the Montana Hotel wreckage today alive. Still 7 search-and-rescue teams working there. I remain faithful. What a reminder to let the daily small stuff fly out the window and really live our dreams! Life is always in the moment."
Alphin hopes to reach Port-au-Prince within the next 24 hours, but reveals fuel supplies "are low".
He adds, "Keeping it positive and running fast as I can to find my friend!" and urges fans to "help however small or BIG. I would hope someone would come if it were my town. Compassion and grace are the balance to the extreme and hectic race we're each running in our own lives daily."
The singer ends his blog entry philosophically, stating, "When I see how people can care so much in the trying times I believe even more in the obtainability of peace.
"We come into the world with nothing, we leave with nothing. The true treasure is in the heart and continues forever only in the wealth of our spirits. Here's to great spirits!"
And he urges his friend, Walt, to "keep tapping".
Alphin isn't the only star on his way to Haiti - native Wyclef Jean is hoping to return this weekend (23Jan10) after spending last weekend in Port-au-Prince helping the local relief effort.
And actor Sean Penn landed in the capital on Thursday (21Jan10) as part of a mercy mission.