Fresh from the surprise album he released earlier this month, Untitled, Unmastered, that is currently riding high in the US Billboard chart, American rapper Kendrick Lamar appears to be back in the studio working on new music.

Kendrick LamarThe popular rapper is back in the studio

Lamar’s producer, Dave Free, uploaded a series of Snapchat videos of the Crompton rapper in the studio but, as yet, there has been no other information about the new tunes or when they might be available publicly.

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The success of Untitled, Unmastered came hot on the heels of Lamar’s 2015 offering - To Pimp A Butterfly, and there will be many hoping the run of impressive tunes will continue.

NME reported that the 28-year-old star could release new music shortly.

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Collaborator Sounwave said: "We have a lot of [other] records, especially from this album.

"There are still records people haven’t heard, mainly because we can’t get sample clearances.

"Those songs were ones that we really loved and were hurt that we couldn’t put them on the album."

Lamar has had an impressive year so far winning a staggering six Grammy awards and reaching the top spot for his latest album despite only alerting fans of its existence by tweeting a link to iTunes.