When ITV’s Splash – a reality show about celebs learning to high dive first launched, it was nearly laughed off the air.

Well, look at it now! The format is moving on to bigger and better things – namely, the American air in the face of ABC. The show lines up the typical suspects of a reality program – some semi-celebs, actors, atheletes, a beauty queen and... Louis Anderson? Well, yes, the 59-year-old comedian will be part of the show and everyone expects him to serve up some laughs with his performance on the diving board. Anderson himself isn’t offended by that, though, in fact, he’d enjoy it, apparently: "I didn't look at this as a show that's going to make fun of me even though some people probably do when they hear about it," Anderson said on a recent morning while practicing at the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center in Pasadena. "But they'll be surprised that it won't be what they think it's going to be.... Is it more impressive to see someone who's fit dive off a 5-meter or someone who's fat?"

Kendra Wilkinson, Splash training
Kendra Wilkinson is just one of the contestants, hard at work for the upcoming Splash pilot.

Fair point, but Splash is a show, designed to poke fun at the athletic ineptitude of famous people after all. In a good way, of course. Mostly. So, will you be tuning in and why? To see impressive amateur diving? Or to laugh with (and at) the contestants? Splash kicks off at 8PM tonight and it might well be worth a watch.