Kendra Wilkinson plans to get pregnant this summer.

The former 'Girls Next Door' star and her husband Hank Baskett already have three-year-old son Hank IV together and after a romantic trip away together recently, they decided to expand their family.

She said: ''I want baby number two. We really connected and had the most romantic time on a trip to celebrate my 28th birthday last month. That's when we actually started talking baby. We're starting to try shortly.''

Kendra doesn't care whether the couple have a son or a daughter as long as the baby is healthy and happy.

She explained: ''Before I was a parent I used to think it was so cheesy when people said this but honestly as long as he or she is healthy, that's all I care about.

''Parenting has the power to bring a couple closer. You realise you're the only two people raising this amazing child, so you have to work together. It also makes you appreciate time together as a couple, because along time is harder to come by.''

Kendra, 28, also hasn't ruled out the option of having a third child.

She added to America's OK! magazine: ''Sometimes I think two are ideal and sometimes I think more. We'll have to see.''