Kendall Jenner's fashion staple is a pair of jeans.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star thinks every girl should own a pair, whilst sister Kylie Jenner's essential garment is a leather jacket.

Of her go-to gear, the 19-year-old model said: ''A pair of mid- or high-rise jeans that look good on the butt, with straight or skinny legs.''

Whilst Kylie added: ''A good leather jacket. Everyone needs a good leather jacket.''

And Kendall has admitted she likes to keep her day wear ''simple'' compared to Kylie who prefers a more glamourous look.

She shared: ''I like to keep it simple and classy. I'm not like [Kylie]. She can wear a full-blown gown to lunch. I like a whole Saint Laurent look. I'd call it cool.''

And despite being known for their fashion-forward looks, it hasn't stopped either of the pair having a fashion faux pas in the past.

Of what pattern she'd never wear again, Kylie said: ''Zebra. Growing up, I was obsessed with zebra. In middle school, I had zebra carpet, pillows, and clothing - everything you could imagine.

''So I am zebra'd out. I don't care what company it is or who it is, I'm over zebra.''

However, Kendall is much more open to different styles as fashion ''evolves''.

She added to Harper's Bazaar magazine: ''I never say never. Fashion is always evolving. And you just never know.''